The Human Performance Expert – “Substance Plus The Magic”

Since 1976, Dr. J. Mitchell Perry has been helping individuals and companies enhance their character, relationships, and performance effectiveness. He is a human performance expert, executive coach, trainer, speaker, facilitator, author and board-certified psychotherapist.

Dr. Perry is an internationally sought after expert on people. He has presented his programs in over 38 countries, in twelve different industries. As a result of his tools, guidance and skills his clients have realized over $10 billion in increased revenues while decreasing the cost of doing business. The skills he teaches help show businesses how improved character, relationships, and performance produce bottom-line results.

Featured in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Success, The Los Angeles Times, Golf Digest, The Financial Times, The San Francisco Chronicle and others, Dr. Perry has authored and written numerous magazine articles on relationship effectiveness, communication skills, optimum performance and team performance.

Dr. Perry has written two books:

The Road to Optimism – Change Your Language… Change Your Life (March ’95, Manfit Press) – a market-proven treatise on how to learn optimism based on the “Language of Inclusion©” where our lives can significantly benefit by making simple substitutions for the words we use.

In The Zone – Achieving Optimal Performance in Business as in Sports (April ’97, Contemporary Books) – a proven recipe for the mental technology of optimum performance.

He has also authored a unique and powerful weight loss program, The Perry Plan: Winning the Losing Game. The Perry Plan is a program to help people revise their state of mind to one of POWER so that they can overcome diet sabotage and stay with their commitments to change their lifestyle, lose weight and to keep it off.

Included among his many clients are: Accenture, Ernst & Young, EisnerAmper, Mavenlink, Northern Michigan University, Glaser Weil, Intel Security, Microsoft, Amazon, and Visa.

Dr. Perry earned his Bachelors and Doctorate degrees in counseling psychology at the University of the Pacific where he was awarded the title of University of the Pacific Alumni Fellow. He is on the Board of Directors for the California Council for Economic Education, and he has been awarded the President’s Volunteer Service Award from the President’s Council on Service and Civic Participation.

For more information about Dr. J. Mitchell Perry and JM Perry Learning call 1 800 JM PERRY (567-3779).