After several decades of practicing in the human relationship and performance effectiveness business I have come to realize that there are some incontrovertible truths about the business of living. They became evident to me over the years as I began to assemble them from the lessons I learned.

Understanding these truths and then guiding your life trajectory by living by them can make your life much more fulfilling, especially if you want to be happy, successful, highly functional, and well adjusted — as most of us do.

I call these truths the AXIOMS OF LIFE©.  There are 8 AXIOMS and I will be presenting them one at a time on YouTube this summer for your viewing and for your consideration.



You may often find yourself believing that life is supposed to be different than the way it is. You are supposed to be good looking, healthy, fortunate, born into a good family, educated, safe, privileged, smart, lucky, impressive, respected, and popular. You are supposed to be happy, brilliant, successful, and perpetually young.

While all the above is the way life is supposed to be, you will likely notice that real life is often quite different. Life turns left when it is supposed to turn right.  Sometimes you lose your job, waste your time, make bad decisions, manage money poorly, or perpetuate bad habits.  Sometimes you get sick, let down, betrayed, divorced, and get old.

Moreover, you may complain and describe the problem more than doing anything to solve it.


I recently presented a recording of this Axiom #1 on YouTube. I included some ideas and suggestions on how you can much more effectively reconcile the gap between how life is supposed to be and how it is.

If you would like to see this recording, click here:


AXIOM #2 is entitled LIFE IS UNFAIR, LIFE IS FAIR, AND IT’S BOTH.  I encourage you to take a look at that one as well. 

Be sure to send me your comments and reflections on the videos.

Many thanks for your time and support!

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And let me know how you are doing!

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