Keynote Speaking

The effectiveness of a professional speaker can be measured by that secret conversation going on in the heads of the audience.

At the bottom end of the chart is “I will fake food poisoning to get out of this room!”

Move a little farther up and you get “Those are funny stories, but where’s the beef? I came here to get something of value.”

Another notch up: “She’s as exciting as a paperclip. Sure, there’s some value here, but how am I going to stay awake to get it?!”

Finally you move into what we like to think of as Perry Territory: “Who do I have to bribe to squeeze out another hour of this guy’s time?!”

For over 43 years, in over 37 countries, Dr. Mitchell Perry has had audiences of business professionals, entrepreneurs and just plain folks begging for more. Hundreds of conferences have stayed awake and leaning forward to soak in his rich blend of humor, insight and the Applied Common Sense© techniques that have transformed Fortune 500 companies from Accenture to Amazon, Jaguar to Staples, Lockheed to Microsoft, Sony to AT&T.

His appearances on radio and television programs (like The Montel Williams Show) have showcased his ability to engage the individual in a meaningful, personal exchange, while imparting to the audience at large valuable lessons in life, teamwork and being an all-round effective and fulfilled human being.

The recognition has been satisfying, including being #1 speaker at the Wharton Business School’s 2000 Securities Industry Institute and a 10-time keynote speaker at the National Entrepreneur of the Year Awards sponsored by INC. Magazine, Ernst and Young, Merrill Lynch, USA Today, and CNN. But the real measure of Dr. Perry’s success lies in the countless stories of people, teams and enterprises who have benefited from his thinking and his hard work.

Dr. Perry did a marvelous job when he addressed our Embassy Suites Conference. His message of optimism applies to all departments and any audience can connect with him because of his humor. He custom-tailored his message to our people, and he was extremely well received. Great job!
– James E. Holthouser, Senior Vice President, Hilton Hotels

When 1500 employees go through our training and then generate a boost in business performance double what the Fortune 500 client expected, you know you have a gold mine in your pocket.

You can put that gold in front of your workforce, conference and organization. Harness the experience of 2000 presentations and unleash the power of the Perry method by scheduling Dr. Perry for an event that will be long remembered in the memory of the audience and in the results achieved.

Presentations are customized to your needs and expectations. Some topics clients have found invaluable over the years include:

  • The Road to Optimism: Change Your Language, Change Your Life
  • In the Zone: Unleashing Your Greatest Potential
  • Differentiating Yourself in the Marketplace through Leadership, Quality, and Customer Service
  • Resolving Conflict for Outstanding Results
  • The Magic of Teamwork – STAR-D©
  • World Class Selling: How to Sell with All the Class in the World
  • The Art of Referrals for Superior Business Development
  • Balancing Your Personal and Professional Lives
  • Prospering through Change: The 10 Commitments for Classic Performance
  • Winning Communication Skills – The Tools for Relationship Effectiveness
  • Strength of Character: The Bottom Line
  • The Art of Ultimate Persuasion: Engaging “The Pull©”
  • Communicating with Access Codes