Executive Coaching

Our executive coaching programs are individually tailored to the needs of leaders in the organization. They consist of coaching proficiencies (learning the skills) and leadership development, helping to put these skills into action across the business.

Executive coaching helps leaders to make significant behavioral changes, as well as assisting in winning support for the people on their team. Executives need to learn the skills, and polish their leadership effectiveness.

What we know for sure about great leaders… they:

  1. Deliver brilliantly on these 4 factors
    1. Results – horsepower / holding people accountable
    2. Progress – inspiring emotional sign-up
    3. Teamwork – enabling the group to work well together
    4. Quality – keeping the bar high
  2. Balance well on task and relationship
  3. Communicate clearly on where they want to go
  4. Engage effectively to get people to follow
  5. Sustain a lasting legacy that endures through optimism
  6. Share their strength of character with competence and credibility – (Integrity, responsibility, and generosity of spirit)

The challenge is to coach the leaders to continually “sharpen the saw” to develop and refine these skills and traits.

Proficiency coaching is an integral part of the process – this is where participants learn the skills needed to see improvement. They practice them through role-playing “real world” situations. This is typically delivered one-on-one, over the phone or in person. It helps elevate skills from something that is being “learned” to something you are actually DOING.

Leadership development is the means through which you use these new skills to achieve better results from others in your organization. We help you strategize how to deal with others, and help you to share the techniques you are learning with others, to improve the effectiveness of more than just the person being coached.

Here is a comment from one of our existing Executive Coaching clients:

Thank you so much for everything. It was a truly transformative and life-changing experience for me. Your insights and guidance have helped set a new course for me and I am ever grateful. Thank you.
– Tom Weiland, Vice President Worldwide Customer Service, Amazon

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