Business Consulting

Most consulting organizations try to implement programs that require more and more consulting over time, keeping your organization dependent on the consultants for nearly every decision. At JM Perry Learning, our consultants are striving towards the goal of helping you achieve self-sufficiency, so you have the skills and knowledge to accomplish what other consulting groups would do for you at great cost. We want to decrease dependency on us, while we help increase effectiveness of the client.

Our consulting efforts are largely in the areas of leadership effectiveness – we work with the people who run departments, divisions, or the entire company, and help them define the specific results desired and how they can get their people to produce this.

We begin with leadership assessments, which help identify the best leaders in the organization, strategies for improving the skills of those in existing leadership roles, and employ a “train the trainers” program to ensure that the skills we are imparting at the top levels of the organization become a part of the corporate culture, and are taught to the rank and file employees as well.

Rather than limiting the use of our content and methods, JM Perry Learning ENCOURAGES our clients to cascade the skills content throughout the organization, as this is the only way to see the widespread, rapid change in behavior that improved performance requires.

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