Classroom Training

It has been said that the definition of insanity is “doing the same thing again and again with a poor outcome, and yet somehow continuing the same behavior expecting a different result.” For most companies, assigning a coach for each individual team member seeking improvement is impractical and cost prohibitive. This means that an alternate method of teaching skills necessary for improvement must be employed. If your organization lacks a common sense and effective method or system of improvement, then team members will continue to produce the same results; or, more often, even LESS effective results.

Classroom training is a powerful way of conveying the knowledge necessary for improvement, and it provides real world practice which leads to immediate results.

Our training programs incite practical, tangible behavioral changes among attendees which create quantifiable results. This means that participants… close more deals, resolve long-held conflicts, overcome the perpetual stumbling blocks, and get people within the organization to buy-into new processes and strategies. In business, it is all about relationship effectiveness resulting in high performance.

Many training organizations spend 90% of their classroom time teaching skills, and 10% on practice. When this occurs, the typical end-result is that after a very short period of time, the skills are forgotten and employees return to their old habits. This happens right on schedule.

JM Perry Learning spends approximately one third of our classroom time teaching skills, and two thirds on practice, actually engaging the attendees in role-playing real world situations that they have experienced or are about to experience with clients and team members. This helps ensure that the knowledge sinks in, since they quickly learn the difference between what they THOUGHT they learned based on the lecture, and what they now ACTUALLY learn by doing what they were just taught.

Working in small groups, each participant is required to use the skills and techniques they were just taught with examples of real world situations that THEY bring to the table. So every attendee leaves the training having practiced exactly what to say and do in the future. When this interaction occurs in real life, they are far more likely to utilize the training than in traditional classroom situations.
Our training sessions include:

  • Inclusion Language© – The Road to Optimism – Learn how what you say affects what you THINK, which in turn affects what you DO.This training teaches a unique and market-tested language skill that will program your brain to capitalize on strengths, increase optimism, while also decreasing the resistance of others. Your horsepower goes up , while their pushback goes down.
  • Relationship Effectiveness – Universal Influence
  • Communications Tune-Up
  • Optimum Teambuilding- STAR-D

One major Fortune 500 corporate client sent 1500 employees through our training sessions in 2010- in the previous three years they had seen minimal growth from their North American division, and they wanted an increase of 5%-10% in their business performance for 2010. After our training, this division actually improved by 17%, leading to $1.6 Billion in additional revenue. While certainly there were multiple contributors to this improvement, many participants say the experience was one of the driving factors for their improved sales results.

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