Adventure Training

Adventure training is a recognized effective method of improving teamwork and performance within organizations. Dr. Perry combines two elements of his Applied Common Sense© training into his adventure engagements. The first is traditional classroom training, which provides the nuts and bolts of the skills that are important to your business. The second is an adventure experience which is so powerful that it helps your participants focus their attention long enough to allow skills to take-hold.

Dr. Perry uses adventures such as sailing, whitewater rafting, cross country skiing, downhill skiing, mountain biking, road biking, volleyball, cattle ranching, cooking, theater, and even golf as living metaphors, which greatly improve the effectiveness of classroom sessions.

The objective for much of the training is to teach teamwork. Participants will spend half of their time in a classroom learning the basics of teamwork, and then go out on an adventure where they MUST produce a specific result with very little training on how to accomplish this.

When people have to produce results in an unfamiliar environment where the impact is strong, often times they actually WILL create a very powerful and effective outcome. People with very little experience AND behave like a team using what they have learned both in the classroom and from their team members will outperform people with a LOT of experience with very little team behavior.

Adventure training can radically improve the performance of the teams your company employs.

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