It’s All About the People

We often ask leaders of organizations what their most powerful resource is, and the answer is nearly always, “The people.” We then ask what their most expensive resource is, and again they answer, “The people.” Lastly, we will ask what the biggest potential pain in the neck in their business is, and the answer comes back again, “The people.”

So if in your business the most powerful resource, most expensive resource, and potential biggest pain in the neck are the people, what is being done to ensure that they are equipped to work at optimum levels so that you receive the biggest return from this very expensive resource?

Because the people are very expensive and very powerful, it is imperative that you address any issues that arise, or risk their poor behavior costing your company immensely. If unprepared or ill equipped, the people can cost your company business due to difficulty in reaching agreement, being in perpetual conflict, dragging their feet, and being less than emotionally signed up or showing indifference and/or contempt for those you are trying to serve in your market.

Most businesses spend a lot of money, time, and effort on things like systems, finance, the equipment, and inventory management (all of which are very important), while ignoring the most powerful and expensive resource- the people!

At JM Perry Learning, this PEOPLE resource is our exclusive focus, and we have achieved remarkable results for clients in dozens of industries with major global companies and many well-known national brands. Our scope of practice is getting the biggest return out of the people dimension of the business.

We are behavior specialists, and we teach multiple people tools and skills using our Applied Common Sense© methodology. By enacting the skills and behaviors that we teach across an organization, the company makes:

  1. A lot more money because the people dimension is really working well.
  2. The company has a much lower cost of doing business.
  3. Or both!

This is achieved because the people can reach agreement sooner, resolve conflict much faster, and perform at significantly higher levels.

We teach a variety of skills that are commonsensical yet very infrequently used by most people. By learning those practical, logical, commonsensical, easy to understand and yet quite often dissimilar from what most people do behaviors, then the people dimension will perform better, and you will have improved qualitative and quantitative results.

JM Perry Learning can help your organization ONLY if the leadership believes that the people are an investment rather than a commoditized expense. So if your company views this valuable resource as an investment, please contact us to discover how we can help you see quantifiable improvement in your performance.