Rebuilding the Backbone of the 21st Century Male

  1. EMBRACE THE OBVIOUS — Recognize what’s right in front of your face. Look in the mirror and face the music. People treat you how you teach them to treat you. Remember, what you radiate, you attract. The cards you are dealt are your responsibility, so own them.
  2. SHARE YOUR STRENGTH OF CHARACTER — Commit to integrity, responsibility and generosity of spirit. Your strength of character is everything. Raise your standards!
  3. CHANGE YOURSELF FIRST — Assuming personal responsibility is the best way to cascade change around you; own it and make the first move. Instead of describing the problem, solve it.
  4. POWER UP! — Say NO and gain respect. Replace your over-accommodating with setting limits and refusing to budge. Decide to be respected and draw a line in the sand. Trust your judgment, deliver tough love and grow that backbone. Being respected has a longer shelf-life than being popular.
  5. UNLEASH YOUR GREATEST FUEL SOURCE — Replace compensating for weaknesses with capitalizing on your strengths. Do what you do well often and recover quickly from setbacks.
  6. SPEAK IN THE LANGUAGE OF INCLUSION© — Develop optimism where the horsepower is. Your language influences your emotions and your power. Replace what is NOT with what IS.
  7. ENGAGE THE POWER OF RELATIONSHIPS — Create the “glue” with others, including your family. Start, trust, ask for help, reinforce and engage. Catch people doing something right. It’s “you and me.” The output is much more than the sum of the parts.
  8. ASK QUESTIONS AND LISTEN — Listening is the best way to get your point across. Gain sign-up by asking questions and helping people reach conclusions.
  9. CREATE MULTIPLE OPTIONS — This is the most powerful key to reducing resistance and resolving conflict. Overcome the “yeah, buts” with a minimum of 3 options.
  10. BALANCE YOUR LIFE — Balance your professional mission and personal values. Success equals achievement. Happiness equals closeness. Fulfillment equals commitment to something larger than yourself. Raise the bar and become a role model. Respect what you see in the mirror!