Amplifying Your Persuasive Influence with The Magic of “Seduction”

Part 3 of The Art of Persuasion: “THE PULL©” – Universal Influence Series

 Sometimes when you encounter people you will notice that they seem to have the “Magic.” They have that idiosyncratic special gift of personal genius that makes them powerful, influential, entertaining, persuasive, and seemingly supernatural.

People with that gift make us happy, laugh, excited, entertained, and willing and eager to buy what they are selling. A popular term about people like that is “he can sell igloos to Eskimos!”

Have you ever looked at how they do what they do? Have you ever noticed what makes you get so impacted and persuaded when they are around?

I call people like that SEDUCTIVE and you will often pay good money to get the experience of being SEDUCED!

For example, you may be a major fan of special and talented entertainers, musicians, singers, musical groups, chefs, celebrities, comedians, dancers, directors, movie stars, gurus, or politicians.

You may have been so impressed with these people that you have gone to see them in concert or at some other live performance. You may have also been willing to spend a LOT of money to get really good seats to experience the concert of a lifetime! You love that person / group / star so much that you often want another “fix” of their magic!   In other words, you will pay a lot of money to be “SEDUCED” into that magical emotional state once again.

You also know what is going to happen. Imagine it is a 2-hour concert and you have listened to the recordings countless times. You know many of the words to the songs. You have had so many wonderful life memories because of those songs and you want another fix!

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