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Hello everyone! Life is short. Too often we say throughout our lives…”If I knew then what I know now!”…and then we lament on how much time we wasted: “Why didn’t I do something sooner and repair that relationship?” “If only I had offloaded that relationship many years ago” “I wasted so much time being afraid, and then stalled for too long” “I just kept rationalizing that this is the best I could do!” “I could have…I should have, if only I would have…etc” We could have fixed it, adjusted it, left it, enhanced it, insisted upon it, changed it….. And then we simply keep wasting more time beating ourselves up because we wasted so much time…. SO WHAT TO DO? THAT IS THE SUBJECT OF MY UPCOMING RADIO SHOW ON JANUARY 21. ADDICTED TO TOXIC RELATIONSHIPS. STUCK IN AN ENERGY SUCKING SITUATION. SETTLING FOR LESS. CONSTANTLY RATIONALIZING TO REMAIN AMBIVALENT. ARE YOU STAYING IN A BAD RELATIONSHIP? ENABLING IT TO STAY TOXIC? IS THIS THE BEST YOU THINK YOU CAN DO? WANT TO FINALLY MAKE A DECISION ON WHAT TO DO? That and more on my next radio show – Sat., Jan 21. “THE DR. MITCHELL PERRY SHOW – APPLIED COMMON SENSE” – Sat. mornings – 9:00-11:00am (PST)- KVTA AM 1520 on the radio or log on to www.kvta.com and click on “Listen Live” -write me here now with your questions or call me on the air! toll free 855 DR PERRY (377-3779) Make a point of listening in and certainly forward this information to whomever you think would value from the program.

Dr. Perry’s Men’s Weekend. Radio Show Podcast

Successful in business, but issues with everyday life. In this podcast I show these self-made men how to win in business and in their personal life. Listen in as we discuss marriage, family and career. How to make the three work together for a happier and healthier life using Applied Common Sense.

Ever Wonder What Men Want?

In this podcast from my radio show you get: The Primer for your Partner’s Passions. From Lost in Translation to Lust in Explanation… The Rosetta Stone on how to speak “MAN”. I’ll give you a peak at the playbook to see what men really want. When she delivers, then he will likely be devoted. Further, how does she find the right guy instead of a defective one? It’s common sense and I’ll apply it in this podcast!

Is Time On Your Side?

“I don’t have time!” Are you in charge of time or is time in charge of you? Let’s talk about managing your time so there is life in your years instead of years in your life.

Engage the Power of Relationships

Hello Everyone!

When you ask others for help, they will likely say “yes,” you will get the help and feel more connected.  The paradox is that you prevent the very thing that works.
Ask for help!

 Dr. Mitchell Perry 

 Engage the Power of Relationships

Human beings need contact, closeness, and affiliation.  Connection is so important that solitary confinement is often used in prison as a means of punishment.  People are generally happier when they feel close, connected, loved, and appreciated.  And, the most common psychological disorder in people is depression.  What is depression?  Depression sets in when the gap is too wide between how one thinks life should be and how it is.  And the biggest contributor to depression is loneliness, feeling rejected, alienated, disconnected, and separate from other people. 


Notice how often you can get more done with people helping.  And, notice how often you want to ask someone for help, but are reluctant either because you are afraid you may be turned down, or you will be perceived as weak. 

However, be reminded of the following axiom:
The first impulse most people have when OFFERED help is to say NO!
But, the first impulse most people have when asked for help is to say YES!
So, remember to engage the power of relationships by asking for help!  To do that, you must change the association you may have between asking for help and appearing weak.  Rather than associate WEAKNESS with the thought of asking for help, associate STRENGTH instead.  Besides, if you do get help, and the resources you need, are you now weaker or actually stronger? 

People like to feel important and asking for help or advice is a great way of making someone feel valued. 

So, start a new behavior pattern… associate strength with asking for help.  Then, start connecting with people and find strength in the power of the group  Engage the power of relationships and replace the “you or me” with “you and me.” 

 Dr. Perry on You Tube
 The Magic is in the obvious… so, Embrace Common Sense!

As we all know, common sense is very uncommon!  That is why I have  put together some video vignettes that are sensible, prudent, practical, logical, and reflecting sound judgement. 
So far, there are nine video vignettes on several subjects including:
The Yeah Buts
The Success Formula
Taking Things Too Personally
Common Sense
Shoulding on Others
Multiple Options
Thank You Notes
Announcing Your Honesty
We’ve had great response so far, with over 900 views!  There are many more to come, so please let us know what you think. 

Log on to http://www.youtube.com/user/JMPerryLearning#p/u

If you want to DO WHAT YOU KNOW, you must equip yourself with the TOOLS to help you engage COMMON SENSE. 

 The Magic of Teamwork
The Secrets of Getting Individuals to Team.

STAR-D: The Secrets of Getting Individuals to Team

DIALOGUE – Open-Ended Questions, Multiple Options and Language Inclusion
This program has been market tested with thousands of teams around the world for over thirty years.  It has a track record of accuracy, originality, and authenticity and has delivered consistent and proven results. 

The Magic of Teamwork CD:      $19.95
The Magic of Teamwork MP3:    $16.95 

NOTICE!  Many of Dr. Perry’s recordings are available on iTunes and Amazon.

Applied Common Sense*
*Because common sense is very uncommon… (and you CAN fix stupid!)
The Dr. Mitchell Perry Show: Applied Common Sense* Because common sense is very uncommon… airs Saturdays from 9:00 am – 11:00 am (Pacific) on KVTA AM1520.  It is a little bit reasoning, a little bit education, a lot of laughs, and a whole lot of fun!  Every Saturday morning Dr. Perry takes calls LIVE on his radio show on everything — including relationships, business advice, personal growth, and the ever popular… “Common Sense is very Uncommon!”
He has a knack for saying it like it is without beating down his listeners.  You can be sure that if there is an answer to your problem, Dr. Perry will help you figure it out.  Listeners call in to get advice, discuss the day’s events or simply to give their opinion on the latest topics.

The number to call the studio live is toll free 
855- DR-PERRY (377-3779).

You can also listen to the show by logging on to http://www.kvta.com/ and then click on “LISTEN LIVE.” 



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