Losing Weight – Learning to Overcome Pessimism

Our nationwide problem:

  • Americans are extremely overweight; 40% of us are obese, 2/3 of us are seriously overweight.
  • We spend billions of dollars on quick-fix weight loss programs and it is getting worse.
  • We continue the practice of insanity!  We perform the same bad habit with the same poor outcome with the illusion that continuing the same habit will result in a different outcome.

Something is clearly missing!

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                                                       THE PERRY PLAN   

The Perry Plan… Winning the Losing Game 
Finally losing weight and keeping it off. 

                                              STICKING WITH YOUR COMMITMENT

                                                  The mental side of losing weight.  

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The Perry Plan

Are you an emotional eater medicating with food?  That’s insane – would you take a laxative for a skin disorder?  No… so why would you eat a gallon of ice cream because you are lonely?  
It’s time to pull yourself together!

Dr. Mitchell Perry  

“Winning the Losing Game”

Something is clearly missing!  The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”) says that a third of the country is currently obese.  Obesity is overtaking smoking as the biggest threat to our health and the numbers continue to rise every year!

Obesity raises the risk of heart disease, some cancers, diabetes, high blood pressure, and arthritis.  The CDC has concluded that obesity causes about 25,814 deaths annually in the United States.  Moreover, the financial costs to healthcare are staggering!

The price you pay for being overweight is huge!

Your self esteem
Your relationships
Your wallet
Your health
Your productivity
Your quality of life

The “Perry Plan” places the onus for losing weight back where it belongs — with the participant — rather than on quick fix diets du jour.  Instead of concentrating on what goes in your mouth, concentrate on what is between your ears!

So, how do you sabotage your own commitments to lose weight?  

Loss of control
Emotional or situational upset
You discount any improvements
Your defeatist attitude prevails
Lack of accountability either internal or external
Small setbacks trigger feelings of total failure
Learned helplessness and chronic powerlessness
Unable to stick with your commitments
Therefore, you give up and feel pessimistic!

The Solution:  THE PERRY PLAN.  It will give you the tools to insure your power to stick with your commitments to change your life for good:   

LOCOMOTION:  The power to move and keep moving.

OBSERVATION:  The skill to eat only when you are hungry.

The awareness of why you are eating.

MOTIVATION:  Inclusion – The OPTIMISM skill for POWER  to stick with your commitments.

RECOVERY FROM SETBACKS:  The power to get back in the saddle when you sabotage yourself.

At last, a proven program that will teach you to reprogram your state of mind to one of OPTIMISM and POWER.  When you are powerful you will stick with your commitments, lose weight, keep it off, and change your life for good.