Losing Weight – Sugar

Are you eating too much sugar?  If you are like most Americans… you are.  You are ingesting huge amounts of cookies, candy, ice cream, cakes, and on and on.  Think about how much sugar you are ingesting.  You are creating problems with potential diabetes.  You are over weight and you are addicted to the sugar.  So what do you do?  Give yourself three weeks to detox from the sugar.  It is very difficult at first because the cravings are huge.  When you take three weeks and you stay away from the refined sugar you will begin to feel better and have more power.  You will finally begin to lose weight.  The whole notion is to off-load the addiction to sugar and when you do, you will have more control.  Try it!  Three weeks! 

Losing Weight – Water

Most experts say that you need to drink about eight glasses of water a day.  If you drink more water, you have by far better digestion, you are going to sleep better, you are going to flush your system better and you’re going to feel full.  So, instead of over-eating, drink a large glass of water and you will feel less likely to want to over-eat.  The idea is that if you spend more time drinking water, you’ll notice that you actually feel better, you lose weight sooner, and you are more alert and conscious.  All the way around, it is better. So, take more water, eight a day and you will see more results.

Losing Weight – Recovery from Set-backs

If you’ve decided to improve your health, lose some weight, and get in shape you are going to have starts and stops.  You are going to have trouble; you are going to fail… everyone does.  When you fail, you quit.  Get back in the saddle.  So instead of just quitting, ask yourself, “What am I noticing?  Did I over-stuff?  What do I do now?”   Think in terms of recovery as opposed to quitting.    Most people set unreasonable goals for themselves then when they are unable to complete them they just quit.  So if you think about recovery, you are going to get back in the saddle. 

Losing Weight – Lying

Do you lie to yourself to justify and rationalize about everything when it comes to being over-weight?  Do you say things like “I don’t over-eat.”  You know you over-eat!  You sneak it at night.  “Well, these cookies are small. I think I’ll have about three dozen,” or “I can eat this now and I won’t eat dinner.”  You know you are going to eat dinner.  “I can eat more because it says “light” on it.”  Oh, please!  “I’m big boned.”  When was the last time you checked how big your bones were?  If you spend more time telling the truth, you’re going to have more power.  It’s time to take more action as opposed to just rationalizing, when you do, you now are beginning to lose weight. 

Losing Weight

Do you notice how often you’re reluctant to lose weight because it’s hard to picture yourself slim and healthy?  Perhaps you’ve been overweight for so long that the idea of imagining yourself slim is just unthinkable.  Start rehearsing in your mind what you would look like and how you would feel if you were slim.  Imagine yourself slim and healthy and do it on a regular basis.  What are you wearing?  Who are you hanging around?  What are you doing?  The more you imagine and rehearse yourself being slim and healthy the more you are going to begin to believe that it’s actually possible.  So, rehearse and duplicate and you will begin to see results. 

Losing Weight – Medicating Yourself

When you eat you generally eat for one of three reasons: 
  1. nutrition
  2. connection
  3. medication
When you are medicating, you know you are upset because something happened.  Notice how often you eat when you are upset with the illusion that that’s going to help.  Instead, do something other than medicating through eating… write a letter, clean the garage, or go take a walk.  Simply do something other than medicating and you’ll begin to lose weight and have more control. 

Losing Weight – Eating Paradigm

How often do you eat when what you really want is connection?  How often is eating over a social event like lunch or time with the family?  Most of the time when people are eating for connection purposes, they are mindlessly eating because what they really want is to be connected with other people.  So start paying attention to how often you are using connection as an excuse to eat.  You will notice that you really do want to spend more time connecting with people and it is really unnecessary to overeat.  So spend more time on connection and less time on over-stuffing, you’ll start noticing more control.  

Losing Weight – Learning How to Overcome Pessimism

Most people who have trouble losing weight and more important, keeping it off, generally feel pessimistic.  So how do you overcome your pessimism?  You have to reprogram your state of mind to be one of more optimistic and powerful because most people when they feel pessimistic generally give up, feel defeated, and sabotage their diet.  You want to learn how to change your state of mind by changing your language from what it is not to what it is.  So instead of saying “diets never work,” you would say “sticking to a diet is a challenge.”  Instead of saying, “I can’t eat that,” say, “I can eat this.”  Concentrate on changing your language.  Talk about what it is instead of what it is not and then you will see by far better results.  

Losing Weight – Move

If you are going to lose weight, you know you have to exercise more and eat less. When you want to move, you want to spend more time doing something with your heart and with your muscles. So park farther away from the store or take the stairs instead of the elevator, take a walk with your loved ones, take a run, take a swim or some form of movement. If you get into the habit of moving on a regular basis you are going to increase your heart rate and you’re going to lose more weight. Plus, you are going to live longer and be healthier. So move, move, move. Put your sneakers on and get going!

Losing Weight

One of the ways people can really improve their ability to lose weight and keep it off is to monitor the way they feel at the time that they eat. When you put gas in your car, you only do it when the gauge tells you that you are low. Rarely would you ever over-fill it. As a matter of fact, it seems kind of dumb to do that. So, if it is dumb to over-fill your gas tank, why would you over-fill yourself? Think about the gauge. Think about when you are hungry, when you are content, when you are full and when you are stuffed. If you start taking inventory of your gauge, you are much more likely to stop eating when you are full without feeling deprived. So pay attention to the gauge that way you’ll be unlikely to over-stuff.