Losing Weight – Returning to the Fridge

Do you ever notice yourself returning to the fridge? You have just finished eating something and you go back to the fridge to see what else is in there? You looked in there for the last three minutes; on the other hand, maybe something else magically appeared. The deal is that you return to the fridge out of sheer habit, and often because you are bored or have little to do. The way to change that behavior is to do something different. Instead of saying that you are going to stop going to the fridge, you say that you are going to start doing something else; take a walk around the house, take a walk around the neighborhood, or read a magazine. When you do something other than return to the fridge, you are going to break the habit.

Losing Weight – Unconscious Eating

Do you ever notice when food is in front of you it just starts automatically getting stuffed into your face? A lot of people with weight problems just unconsciously eat. The food is there and they start grazing and they are talking or watching television and they automatically shovel it in on automatic pilot. Start noticing how you eat. Start keeping a journal. This will point out what you are eating, how much, and when you are eating. Do this for two weeks and you’ll start noticing how automatic it is. When you keep a food journal you become more conscious of what you are doing and you now have control.