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My Couples’ Cruise includes romance, stunning jewelry and… you! When you just click to The ports of call are incredible, We start at the beautiful city of Seattle to a day at sea. Then set sail into Tracy Arm Fjord with Alaska’s most dramatic glaciers, next stop is Alaska’s beautiful capital Juneau a mix of frontier romance and cosmopolitan flair, as you and your partner get closer and closer on this Couples’ Cruise we head to Alaska’s gold country, Skagway, then sail off to another awesome photo opportunity, a trip through the Inside Passage… whales sea lions and gorgeous fjords take your breath away… another romantic day at sea, and a get-together with you me and our fun group of fellow Couples Cruisers we then complete our Couples’ Cruise in Victoria British Columbia filled with the colonial splendor of the one-time British Colony. Take my Couples Cruise vacation, romance and a stronger bond between you and your partner.

The Power of Exercise & The Perry Plan

Dr. Mitchell Perry Excellent article on the power of exercise and how quickly it changes your well-being! For more information on health and getting on the winning road to weight loss follow this link: Cheers! Exercise changes genes within minutes Even a short bout of exercise can change your genes in ways that may ultimately make you stronger

Cry For Help Goes Viral, Dr. Perry Has The Common Sense Solution

Dr. Mitchell Perry The cry for help is so common among people who need to lose weight. Whether it is a few pounds to “look and feel better” or hundreds to literally save their life. It all comes down to Common Sense which this man and everyone else will find in my CD set: 600-plus pound man asks YouTube for diet help, becomes viral star A 23-year-old morbidly obese California man got the exposure he wanted when a video he posted on YouTube asking for weight-loss help went viral

Rush Limbaugh Faux Pas, A dose of my Winning Communications CD is in order!

Rush Limbaugh’s apology Sense or nonsense? It makes sense he apologizes for using that language on his radio show OR it’s nonsense, we know who he is a “Shock-Talk-Jock” please make your comments below and follow this link to learn about communicating effectively by using my plan Limbaugh says he doesn’t think Sandra Fluke is a ‘slut’ or a ‘prostitute’

Dr. Perry’s Couples’ Cruise. First Stop…

The Couples Cruise to Alaska Itinerary… First stop Seattle, the Emerald City is the perfect way to begin your journey. The city that offers a gorgeous backdrop of Puget Sound and the majestic Olympic Mountains. Known for seafood and an excellent cup of coffee Seattle starts your journey of discovery and romance with your partner. Then we set sail for Alaska… Follow this link for the rest of you Couples’ Cruise with Dr. Perry.

Dr. Perry is Live This Saturday at Jewelry Couture!

I am taking my radio show on the road this Saturday! Join me at Jewelry Couture from 9 to 11 in the morning and share your “Couples Story” with my audience. How you met… first date… how the question was popped… your couples’ story will be heard on News Talk 1520 KVTA! A reception follows the program where you and your significant other learn about my romantic “Couples Cruise” to Alaska! Jewelry Couture is the premier store for beautiful bling that will make your heart sing! Cheers! Jewelry Couture by Sehati -:- Custom & Designer Brand Jewelry, Watches

March 2012

Hello Everyone! You must remember the power of three or more options whenever you have stress, upset, anxiety, or conflict. Multiple options will calm you down and help you to think clearly to resolve the issue.

Dr. Mitchell Perry

Create Multiple Options: The Most Powerful Key to Resolving Conflict and Engaging Recovery
When people are in any type of stressful situation or conflict, they become anxious and polarize i.e. think in TWO OPTIONS: right/wrong, good/bad, success/failure, all/nothing, ally/enemy, together/apart, win/lose, etc.
 When people polarize, they are stuck – usually fixated and obsessing on the negative of the two options: the bad, the loss, the failure, the wrong… which grinds any potential progress or resolution to a halt.
 The result? Constant fear, worry, anxiety, anger, suspicion, and conflict. You can see this behavior often in issues surrounding unions and management, religions, divorces, parenting, political parties, lawsuits, and government.
 What to do? In every situation, CREATE MULTIPLE OPTIONS – Minimum 3! It is amazing how powerful three options can be in any situation that might be problematic.
 Example: You are about to close an important sales deal with a client. You name your price and your client balks. Your client wants the “hamburger” but not at your price. It is looking like a lost cause. He pays your price or you walk. It is rapidly becoming an all or nothing situation.
 To break the deadlock, try changing your strategy: Offer him three options: “hamburger, cheeseburger, or cheeseburger with fries,” three options, three price points.
 Set in the context of the magic third option, you will be amazed how reasonable the original hamburger option now appears to your client. And what’s even better… he is now even considering the “cheeseburger with fries.”
 The message is simple: In every conflict situation, CREATE MULTIPLE OPTIONS – MINIMUM 3! It works!

 Join this Couples’ Cruise on September 7 through September 14 with renowned relationship expert Dr. Mitchell Perry on the magnificent ship, Infinity, touring the beauty and magic of Alaska.
 Enjoy his funny, lively, and informative sessions on relationships, love, and strengthening your union. Whether you are: going steady, engaged, married, been together for many years, or trying it one more time, this cruise is perfect for you and your partner.
 Private cocktail reception with Dr. Perry
Prepaid onboard gratuities
Several workshops with Dr. Perry Couples’
Camp 4-disc CD set
Champagne upon arrival in each stateroom
Other goodies and surprises!
This voyage with Dr. Perry is limited to 50 couples, so be sure to make your reservations early, as the first 5 couples to sign up will be able to attend an additional exclusive private workshop with Dr. Perry during the voyage.
 This adventure is the perfect combination of experiencing:
     The majesty of Alaska
     Cruising aboard the beautiful Celebrity Cruise Ship – Infinity
     How to tune-up your relationship with more love, fun, intimacy, commitment, and passion.
Every Couple attending will laugh, learn, and love the experience!

Check out The “Couples’ Cruise” with Dr. Perry.

Dr. Perry’s Couples’ Cruise of Alaska continues with a final day at sea. A fabulous way for you and your partner to get to know the beautiful ship a little better with a walk around the deck or to get to know each other a little more with a day in your beautiful cabin offering amazing ocean views. All you have seen, all you have learned comes together today and for the rest of your life. Dr. Perry’s Couples’ Cruise. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity with the best relationship expert in the world, book today.