Dr. Perry’s Men’s Weekend

Check out this podcast of my radio show where I chat with a group of men about career, family, and specifically, the women in their lives. From career to their personal lives these very successful men discuss the challenges they have had in their past. I then guide them through the possibilities for their future success and happiness. As always it is all about common sense.

Strength Of Character.

Today’s podcast is all about character. The good news for all of us is: character is under our direct control. We are responsible for our actions and the results they bring. We have all heard the stories about stars who lost their fortune, philandering College Football Coach’s, overbearing parents in children’s sports, the list goes on and on. Listen to this podcast with Dr. Perry reflecting on news stories of the week along with conversations from listeners. It’s all about your character!

Has The “Politically Correct” Movement Gone Too Far?

On This podcast from The Dr. Perry Radio Show, Dr. Perry discusses our Politically Correct Society, is it healthy? Or are we a bit too sensitive and it’s about time we stopped taking things so personally? An excellent discussion with in-studio guests and callers too. Dr. Perry addresses the Mary J Blige Burger King commercial, McDonald’s Happy Meal lawsuits along with a look at What’s the News What’s The Lesson”. Plus Dr. Perry’s “Applied Sense of Humor. All in this enlightening and provocative podcast.

Speak in Inclusion: The Road to Optimism

When you change your language, you will change your life. Tell it like it is!
Dr. Mitchell Perry

Speak in Inclusion: The Road to Optimism
If you could live the rest of your life more optimistically or pessimistically, which would you choose? I’ve asked that question of thousands of people in a dozen countries around the world and they always say the same thing – OPTIMISTICALLY. Why? Because most everyone suspects that living optimistically is better all around. The research shows that people who are more optimistic live longer, are healthier, recover faster from setbacks, lead happier lives, and are up to 50% more productive.

So, if all that is true, and most of us would prefer to be optimistic, how can we learn to do it?

I have found a method that works: Speak in the Language of Inclusion!

Consider this: most children up to age 12 are generally much more optimistic than adults. Then consider how they speak. They talk about what everything IS… “It’s great, it’s neat, it’s awesome, it’s stupid, it’s boring, it’s awful, it’s the bomb.” Kids speak this way all the time. They say what it IS, even when they are speaking about something they dislike.

Grownups on the other hand speak in Exclusion 90% of the time. They talk about what everything is NOT… “It’s not bad, it’s not a problem, it’s not as bad as it looks, I have no argument, if nothing gets in our way, no problem, there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t want to, I don’t see any reason why you can’t, why don’t you…

If you start noticing your speech, you will notice your language is in EXCLUSION most of the time. Is it possible that this exclusionary language is also affecting your outlook?

If you are always talking about what is NOT there (what is missing) then it’s quite difficult to be optimistic. Could it be that your habit of language is actually keeping you pessimistic?

So, what to do? Learn a lesson from children and CHANGE YOUR LANGUAGE TO INCLUSION. Simply look for the word “not” in your language and replace it with something inclusive. Instead of “no problem,” say “it’s a pleasure.”

Instead of “why don’t we,” say “how about we.” Instead of “I don’t disagree,” say “I agree.” Instead of “not only that,” say “in addition to that.”

You will be amazed over time to see how this small change in your language will have a powerful effect on you and your outlook on life. Simply say what it IS instead of what it is NOT.

So, if you want to be more optimistic, change your language and change your life… Tell it like it is!

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Dr. Perry Discusses Change On His Radio Program!

PROSPERING THROUGH CHANGE! Common sense tells you that the only thing you can count on is CHANGE. However, notice how much you catastrophize, awfulize, resist and thrash when things CHANGE right on schedule! That and more this Saturday March 24 -Tune in to “THE DR. MITCHELL PERRY SHOW – APPLIED COMMON SENSE” – 9:00-11:00am (PST)- KVTA AM 1520 on the radio or log on to www.kvta.com and click on “Listen Live” -write me here now with your thoughts or call me on the air! toll free 855 DR PERRY (377-3779) – at your service, Dr. P