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Dr. Perry’s One-Minute Vignettes Hit 40 Radio Stations!

Now you can hear my “one minute vignettes” on over 40 radio stations.

These audio snippets provide some practical tips on how to maximize your performance by using my “Applied Common Sense¬©” process in resolving challenges. Often times we know what we should do but elect to do the very thing that is the antithesis of what we should do. These vignettes set you on the straight course, clarifying motives, establishing direction and simplifying your options. Click here to listen to some of these vignettes and find out more about how you should be applying common sense every day and in every way!

Relationship Glue

How to effectively leverage valuable business relationships

Times are tough. Many clients are abandoning their long-held business relationships for providers touting a lower cost or better terms. What keeps business relationships held together? I like to say it is “Relationship Glue” that keeps business relationships strong. I’m not talking about the sticky stuff but rather the things that we DO that demonstrate who we are as a person. It is the real value that we provide to clients and shareholders. Relationship glue is the action that follows a commitment, the willingness to extend our self on the client’s behalf and the ability to proactively listen and respond effectively to client’s needs and motives. If you are looking to hold together your business relationships click here to find out more about how you can use my “Relationship Glue” to make that happen!