Do you ever notice you’ll do that? You’ll say things like, “Well, to be quite honest…” or “I’m gonna be honest,” or “Do you want me to be honest?” It’s interesting that when people ask me, “Do you want me to be honest?” I usually answer, “No, it would be out of character for you, it’s really out of order for you to be honest.” They then look at me as if I’m sort of strange. The reality is that what you intend is quite different from how it is received when you announce your honesty. If you say, “to be quite honest, here is my position…” It almost is received in the following way, “What, you’ve been deceitful so far?” My recommendation is if you must say something, say, “frank,” or “candid” or “direct.” Instead of saying “to be quite honest” say “to be quite frank.” You’ll notice that you’ll get more the results you’re looking for without that kind of question.

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