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JM Perry Learning is a recognized expert in the field of human performance. We provide speaking presentations, training courses, executive coaching sessions, and a wide array of other group activities and learning media titles to help our clients worldwide leverage their performance and business opportunities.

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    Client Testimonials

    Beth Boettcher
    I love this inclusion language. I have been using it all week in my emails and in conversation. It has been working extremely well – I feel empowered, confident, and non-confrontational. Thank you! Over the past week I have found that what I "say" does impact what I "feel" and what I "think".
    Timothy P. Speiss
    This week in applying inclusion techniques, and optionality in decision discussions; with clients, business relationships, board meetings, discussions with family, and friends. Application of these techniques has resulted in effective results. Participation in your session, and the interaction with my colleagues, was among the most productive and useful professional development meeting I have experienced in my career. I look forward to ongoing development.
    Brian Goonan
    Ernst & Young
    Thank you for the best coaching I received in my professional career. The insight and tools you provided us will truly be useful, after some significant practice and additional coaching.

    Thanks again and look forward to additional interactions.

    Saul Breskal
    Glaser Weil
    I really enjoyed learning new skills with you and Dr. Wright over the last six months. While I am unquestionably a “suspicious until” person, you outlasted me (as you promised you would) and I have learned to trust in your methods. Your approach to relationships, both personal and business, is refreshing in its simplicity – it is common sense after all.

    The most successful people in the world have mastered the skills of effective communication.

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