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Winning Communication Skills
Winning Communication Skills
Four Keys to Personal and Professional Success

True leaders are those who can communicate effectively. What skills do they have that you lack? What techniques do they use to command attention and respect? This audio set contains the four keys to Listening actively, Speaking clearly, Reducing Resistance, and Resolving Conflict. These are the Winning Communication Skills that will take you right to the top — and keep you there. Most people have yet to master these skills... only the winners have! And, the most successful leaders use them everyday.

"Using the skills I learned in the first day of the Communication Tune-Up, I was able to close a $400,000 deal with a customer in about twenty minutes. That made me an instant believer.”

– Noah Rogers, Vice President
– Cadence Spectrum Services

"Dr. Perry’s Winning Communication Skills have made our sales and executive group so much more effective. In providing our people with the skills to be successful in all areas of life, this training has paid for itself many times over. These communication tools are a must, and Dr. Perry’s programs are the best vehicle for delivery I have ever experienced."

– Nicholas C. Kane, Senior Vice President of Sales
– Bowne & Company
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