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Strength Of Character
Strength Of Character
Gaining Competitive Advantage by Raising the Bar

Today, the tide of national debate has turned to issues of character, honor, and integrity. It seems as though every time you turn on the television, read the paper, or listen to the radio, we hear or see these key principles being tested. What can we do to to make a difference? How can we stem the tide and restore our trust and confidence in business and community? The answer to our concerns is our first step towards the solution.

Strength of Character explores integrity, responsibility, and generosity of spirit in the business setting, driving a stake into the ground and defining the ethical standards by which business will need to be practiced in the coming decades. This CD explains how leaders and workers can set a new course towards character standards that we all can agree are compelling and necessary. The magic begins when individuals accept personal responsibility and start making ethical changes in themselves.
"Dr. Perry has the keen ability to help the top executives in our firm reach a higher level of performance. His understanding of human nature and motivation for success is wonderful.

Raul Alvarado, Worldwide Managing Partner
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