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The art of using referrals for mega business development

Learn the key steps in using referrals to leverage sales:
  • How to avoid cold calling
  • How to harvest the impulse of the market to contact you
  • How to overcome the fear of rejection
  • How to turn your existing customer base into your marketing department
  • How to use effective follow-up skills to fully leverage your sales

"Fresh off of our training with Dr. Perry I was curious to field test the new skills, in what I thought was going to be a preliminary informational meeting... Long story short, Bowne has a new client, and it was the most effortless sales call I ever made. On my way out, the client even gave me an unsolicited referral. I have clearly ’bought in’ to the Perry Training and am looking forward to using my skills with my more challenging prospects.”

– Noah Rogers, Vice President of Sales
Bowne & Company of Los Angeles
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