For more than 20 years, I have known and worked closely with Dr. Perry and his company. I continue to believe his material is easily the most impactful and best suited for business that I am aware of. Each time I have lead a team of professionals, I have engaged him to teach his material to my extended leadership team. I know it improves results. If one stays with it, it will improve results significantly. I also give Dr. Perry a good deal of credit for the success I have had over the time I have known him.

- Robert Frerichs, Group Chief Executive: North America, Accenture

Thank you so much for presenting the inclusion concept. I have already started to use it in my daily communication with family and co-workers. You are correct; it does take some thought but easier than I thought. The results have been great.

- Deanna L. Haas, PMP, Commercial Director, Commercial & Contract Management - Accenture

Thank you for two outstanding days of training... I can easily say it was one of the most insightful and valuable professional development sessions I've ever attended. I look forward to practicing and using these strategies right away.

- Jeffrey Miller, Vice President, Defense Supply Chain Solutions, Accenture

I just want to let you know that with your help we closed the deal. We used the going away and three options to structure the deal we wanted. In the end we believe it was a win for all. Thought you would get a kick out of that...

- Ron Aberman, Accenture

I love this inclusion language. I have been using it all week in my emails and in conversation. It has been working extremely well – I feel empowered, confident, and non-confrontational. Thank you! Over the past week I have found that what I "say" does impact what I "feel" and what I "think".

- Beth A. Boettcher, Managing Director, Accenture

I continue to use your materials in my professional and personal life. Just last week, I found myself having to conduct a very tough negotiation and in preparation for it went over the 4 part winning communications materials, especially the lesson on ‘reducing resistance’. The negotiation that had stalled for over 10 days, was brought to an acceptable and successful conclusion and in further reflection, some of the lessons from your teachings were instrumental to this result – so a big Thank You to you.

- Arjun Bedi, Managing Partner, Client Portfolio Lead, Accenture Life Sciences

Working with Dr. Perry has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life. He has made a positive impact both personally and professionally. He has given me better insights into some of my “personal baggage” and helped me to understand many things about myself and how I act given a set circumstances. He then coached me on better ways to approach these situations, to get a more desirable result. From a professional point of view, he has given me practical tools and ideas to increase my confidence and abilities; tools that help me to work better with my peers and clients.

- Dave Ehninger, Senior Executive, Accenture

Good Shepherd

Your humor and knowledge made the training very interesting. One of the staff commented today, "The material was so simple, but it's so hard to use. It's because WE make it difficult to do simple stuff!"

- Beth Thornton, Good Shepherd

Heggeness, Sweet, Simington & Patrico, A.P.C.

You presented fresh tools and taught us how to successfully apply your "inclusion" method to present and win cases, to communicate with and grow our clientele and to attract new talent to our firms.

- Margot E. Simington, Esq., Heggeness, Sweet, Simington & Patrico, A.P.C.

City National Bank

Dr. Perry: Your message was easy to follow, straight forward, and I really enjoyed your humor.

- Mary Helmich, Preferred Banking Director, City National Bank

I want to thank you for a thought provoking and inspiring presentation at our divisional meeting. Your presentation was both thought-provoking and inspirational, and I wanted to thank you for reminding me that keeping things simple continues to build solid business relationships. I really enjoyed meeting you, and wish you continued success.

- Sarah Tillman, VP – Manager, City National Bank

Thank you for the presentation you delivered to our managers. The Referrals recipe you taught is so simple and makes perfect sense. I am confident that the skills outlined, when put into practice, will yield great results as we continue to grow our business in 2011 and in the years to come. We look forward to having you back for additional service. Many thanks for an outstanding presentation!

- Kevin Dunigan, Executive Vice President, City National Bank

Ernst & Young

Thank you for the best coaching I received in my professional career.

- Brian Goonan, Advisory Services, Ernst & Young LLP

Ferguson Case Orr Paterson LLP

We really appreciate you speaking to the group. The buzz was great and one of my associates described it as a "perfect meeting."

- Douglas E. Kulper, Attorney At Law


Dr. Perry is a one-of-a-kind professional! In the past 20 years I have attended a half dozen workshops, commissioned training at multiple companies, and distributed over 200 copies of various tapes to friends & coworkers alike. I believe strongly that Dr. Perry helps individuals and teams reach for the stars!

- Kevin S. Milliken, CIO, Staples

Underwriters Laboratories

UL has embarked on a program with Dr. Perry to improve our business results through more effective communication and teamwork. Our initial experiences have been very positive and overwhelmingly received by our leadership team. Dr. Perry has a unique ability to make serious personal and team development into fun and laughter. We are delighted to be working with him.

- Keith E. Williams, President and Chief Executive Officer and Trustee, Underwriters Laboratories

Of the many seminars and training sessions I've attended throughout my career, yours gets 15 out of a possible 10. BRAVO MAESTRO! Already looking forward to the next session.

- Manuel, Sosa, General Manager/Global Account Director, Underwriters Laboratories


This week in applying inclusion techniques, and optionality in decision discussions; with clients, business relationships, board meetings, discussions with family, and friends. Application of these techniques has resulted in effective results. Participation in your session, and the interaction with my colleagues, was among the most productive and useful professional development meeting I have experienced in my career. I look forward to ongoing development.

- Timothy P. Speiss, MST, CPA, PFS, IAR, Partner, EisnerAmper LLP

Former Bownne

Please accept my thanks, once again, for the wisdom you shared, the clarity with which it was crafted, and the good humor that came as part of the presentations.

- Peter Champagne, Former Bownne


It has been over ten years since my coaching sessions. There have been challenges along the way but thanks to the aikido you taught me I continue to prevail. You helped me understand that by focusing on what I internally knew was right for me instead of what I thought others expected that I would become a better person. I understand the man I was, but the man I have become is more than that person imagined… Much of this is due to your good advice, which still guides me daily. You told me that people like to be thanked and these days I am a 'thanker'. Thanks again for your mentorship, advice, warmth and sharing. I know you have had the privilege of touching many lives. You have made an enormous and positive impact on this one in particular.

- Paul Bartholomew